Why Us

Daniel Island Family Dental - Why Choose Us

Finding the right fit for who you chose as your dentist can be a difficult task. Everyone is different with different needs, challenges, and objectives. At Daniel Island Family Dental we understand this challenge and want to help you identify and take an active role in achieving your dental health goals. We believe that getting quality care is very important and that is what we provide…. Quality care – not just a comprehensive list of services.

Important ways that we show that we care:

You, our patient, will be treated as a person – not a treatment plan or set of teeth. We want to care for you as an individual person. In order to do this, we take the time to get to know you as an individual. We will establish a relationship that we can maintain and develop for years to come. We want to know about you… what is important to you in terms of dental health… and what big summer plans you have or what you are planting in your garden.

We have the most qualified people providing your care… not the least. Dr. Mattison does her own work – and so do our hygienists. Dr. Mattison does all permanent restorative procedures. This means that she not only prepares your teeth BUT ALSO RESTORES them; you will never have a filling placed or a crown cemented by anyone other than a doctor in our office.

Likewise, only a highly qualified, experienced hygienist will perform a cleaning on your teeth.  Simply put, we treat you like family. If Dr. Mattison would not it do it to herself or her family, she does not allow it to be done to you.

Our goal is to provide as little dental “work” as possible. Ideally, you would never require any treatment beyond routine cleanings and exams. In reality, people have a variety of treatment needs and situations – which we are here to provide. However, once your treatment needs are met, it is our goal and preference to help you maintain your oral health and prevent dental problems rather than to treat them.